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Our Team will :

  • Help you to secure funding
  • Introduce and expose you to VC professionals who support our Mission
  • Lay out a staffing model to help identify the resources and expertise needed to help you succeed
  • Provide assitance to be considered for accelerator and incubation programs

Let’s help YOU and your venture achieve the Success Needed!!

The Three Pillars of the Radix Innovation Fund 

Our Founders and our Fund represent the following values.


Radix Innovation Capital (“Radix”) invests and helps Founders by providing solutions to empower business owners by eliminating capital resource barriers for startups and scaleups. We achieve this by providing access to capital to help small business owners sustain operating a business during the development stage.

Radix not only provides capital resources to scale their company but also supports Founders to strengthen their competitive advantage for success.


This driving passion and enthusiasm to establish a business with innovation, creativity, and leadership while embracing all the risks and challenges.

It’s the lifeline of our communities and country which spawns invaluable careers and opportunities for generations to come.


Economics is the great divider of our communities; we believe focusing and investing in diverse teams will help to multiply the wealth amongst all communities.

In addition to working with our Founders to identify the critical resources needed to expand, grow, and succeed in their communities.

Our Team

Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson


Mr. Robinson  has 28 years of experience in the financial services, real estate, consulting & entrepreneurial industries.

Terrence Battle

Terrence Battle

Mr. Battle has 15 years of experience in the entertainment & real estate industries.

Cheryl King

Cheryl King


Ms. King has 21 years of experience in the financial services & entertainment industries.

Jamal Trotman

Jamal Trotman

Mr. Trotman has 4 years of experience in the financial services & real estate industries.

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