Representing the next generation, of under-represented founders in underserved territories.

Our Mission

Radix Innovation Capital supports, partners and invests in Founders who are Women, Brown Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), Minorities, Persons With Disabilities (PWD), and Founders who are from Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s) at the Pre-Seed or Early Stage.

Our Fund has a “well-rounded” agnostic approach across industries, with a particular focus on:

Future of Work

Our Process

1. Lead Generation: 60% comes from inbound, 35% from our network, and 5% from
Founders. Annually we review at least 1,500 different early-stage companies.

2. First Meeting: Meet the management team, assess the problem, solution, traction, market viability & our ability to help. Only 40% of Founders will make it to the first meeting.

3. Second Meeting: Review sales pipeline, product, GTM strategy, competitive edge, capital needs, and exits. Only 21% of Founders will make it to the second meeting.

4. Final Due Diligence: Finalize investment memo, talk to industry experts/advisors. 1.2% of Founders will receive investments from us on an annual basis.

5. Investments Selected: Monthly calls with Founders, review of financial performance including business milestones achieved, consistent evaluation of product solution(s), evaluating next raise and identify resources needed.

Future Opportunities

Black Owned Businesses

  • Generated $206 Billion in Sales in the US in 2022
  • Exceeded more than 2 million in the United States

Black Women-Owned Firms

  • Produced ~$70 Billion in Sales in the United States

Women-Owned Firms

  • Generated $1.9 Trillion in Sales in the United States
  • Women of Color Owned Businesses Produced $422.5 Billion in the United States

Women Led Startups

  • Received only 2.3% of VC Dollars in the United States
  • <1% of VC Dollars go to BIPOC Founders in the United States

People With Disabilities

  • $13 Trillion in Disposable Income including their friends and family globally
  • $1.2 Trillion in Black Consumer Spending power in the United States

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